Advertiser: Long John Silver's
Agency: Empower MediaMarketing
Media: Undertone Networks
Additional Partners: Spongecell and Air2Web

Campaign: Throw Boring Overboard

While Long John Silverís had employed other advertising mediums in the past, this was their first online initiative.

In-page ad units: 720x90, 300x250 and 160x600


Build consumer awareness of two new products (Baja Fish Taco and IceFlow Frozen Lemonade) in test markets in Virginia, Iowa and Tennessee, and incentivize them to try the products. Success was measured in the number of coupons delivered and mobile opt-ins.

Strategic, creative product promotion

There were two critical stages of this execution: an online ad to draw consumer attention, which utilized leading-edge technology from Spongecell to enhance existing online banners; and a mobile coupon redemption mechanism. The online ad was tailored to drive consumer engagement, giving consumers the opportunity to locate a nearby restaurant and download a coupon for the two new products. The information and the coupon were then sent to the consumerís mobile phone for immediate access and/or redemption.

This was accomplished within the ad and did not interrupt the consumerís browsing experience by prompting them to open a separate browser to access the desired information. This expedited the process for consumers, encouraged engagement and boosted the overall interaction rate with the ads.

The campaign ran exclusively on Undertone Networks and featured day-part and geographic targeting to reach consumers.


During the six-week campaign, more than 35 percent of consumers who expressed interest in the Long John Silverís offer also opted to receive additional communication from the brand.

However, the true measure of success for Long John Silverís was the completion rate of 2.27 percent, nearly 2.5 times higher than industry average, which showed consumers not only engaged with the ad, but also took action by requesting the coupon or locating a restaurant.

Based on the success of this campaign, Long John Silverís incorporated online advertising into its overall marketing strategy and continues to execute subsequent initiatives.